Las Vegas Bachelor Party

It’s time to get the party started!

The bachelor party that is to blow away all other bachelor parties and it all comes down to planning. Well, it can’t be completely planned out. Some of the craziness needs to form organically, otherwise, it just feels manufactured, and a bachelor party should never feel manufactured. With that in mind though, how is it possible to take any ordinary bachelor party and make it out of this world? It is a simple recipe that just about anyone is able to follow:

  • Start with a complete coating of Las Vegas
  • Add in a heaping dash of Las Vegas strippers
  • Multiple tablespoons (bottles) of the bachelor’s favorite alcohol
  • Season to taste

The Opening Trip to Las Vegas

Whenever someone compares bachelor parties, once someone can start out with the phrase “We went to Vegas” it automatically trumps any other bachelor party out there. It doesn’t matter what the people did, where they went, or how long they did it for, the very uttering of Las Vegas sets the bar high and is going to blow everyone else out of the water. By booking a weekend trip to Las Vegas, the bachelor party is already on the right foot. However, this is just the base. It is the flour of the bachelor party ingredients. It holds and sticks everything together, but all the goodies and sweets come much later.

While Las Vegas bachelor party packages are a great way to start out, it needs a bit of sugar to sweeten it up. Hitting up all the different clubs and casinos is great because, after all, the Las Vegas nightlife is legendary. However, it just isn’t want to take it over the top. Even visiting Las Vegas strip clubs are just not going to do all that much. The strip clubs in Vegas are hands down better than anywhere else, but this is not what takes the party ideas over the hill and to the next level. This is where the Las Vegas escorts and strippers come in. These girls who go direct to the hotel can put on a private show, a private dance, and even showcase some hot bits of entertainment that simply are not done inside of any strip clubs Las Vegas has. These clubs still have a few rules. Inside the hotel room, there are no rules and it is where the real party begins.

From the MGM Grand, The Mandalay Bay, or anywhere along Las Vegas Boulevard, the Vegas bachelor party ideas are everywhere. But a bachelor party in Vegas at any of the Las Vegas hotels, and even in downtown Las Vegas is going to be pricey. It’s just the name of the game in sin city.

Bring the Alcohol

The Las Vegas girls, and there should be multiple girls because, after all when there are multiple guys, it just makes sense to bring in more girls. Sure, a chocolate chip cookie is alright with one chip, but a dozen chips in the cookie and it goes from fine to mind-blowing amazing. Plus, the strippers inside of the room can do things that will stick in the minds of everyone in the bachelor party for the rest of their lives. Many of these girls are fine with whipping out that famous double dildo and sharing it with another one of the girls. This is just one reason why having at least two girls inside the hotel room is always better than one.

After an evening of entertaining and showing off, a girl is going to get thirsty. Now, the alcohol of choice, at least inside the hotel room, should always be up to the bachelor. After all, it is his special day, so if there is something specific he wants to drink than he should be able to drink it. Plus, all dough needs to have something wet. The bachelor party also needs to have something wet, and if the strippers already put on their show, chances are they are going to need to hydrate from all the fluids they lost. Once the show is done though, it is time to hit the road and bring the girls with the bachelor party. These Las Vegas strippers know where the good times are and where to go for a great drink and how to finish off the night. While out of the room, naturally the girls can get what they want and the rest of the bachelor party can also drink up as well. Alcohol is that perfect mixer that simply finishes off the rest of the bachelor party recipe.

The next time anyone wants to plan a bachelor party, it is all about knowing what ingredients to bring. While there are different kinds of toppings and specialty items that can be added to the party to make sure it meets the needs of the bachelor, there are always three ingredients that must remain the same: alcohol, strippers, and Las Vegas.

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